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Our Story 

Sharing Smiles

John Frost


Remembrance Hill Farm began in 1997, when my beautiful wife, Sue, and I purchased our little piece of heaven in Rehoboth, MA. As the farm grew, I thought it might be fun to try my hand at driving, and so I started training my daughter’s pony to pull a Bronson wagon.

Driving helped me see horses in a whole new light and I was both impressed and humbled to learn what incredible partners they could be. Realizing I was more comfortable behind a horse rather than on one, my new hobby quickly grew into a passion. I soon acquired a diverse collection of carriages and started offering driving lessons to others in my area.


While visiting Amish country in 2005 I was introduced to Standardbreds. These horses were able to pull Amish buggies, carrying entire families, up the steepest of hills with ease. They were truly superstars! After researching the breed, I learned that there were a large number of retired Standardbred racehorses available for adoption and I jumped at opportunity to add these animals to my herd. Between their incredible strength, kind disposition, and the chance to offer these animals a fresh start off-the-track I was smitten.


As word spread about my growing horse and carriage farm, I began receiving tons of requests to do weddings and special events. In 2014 we purchased our first wedding carriage and Remembrance Hill Carriages LLC was officially born! I was now able to do what I love, provide for my horses, and share the magic of a horse-drawn carriage ride with others. It was a WIN-WIN-WIN!


Since then it has been a wonderful whirlwind, providing carriage and wagon rides for weddings, holidays, and other special events all throughout New England. In 2015 we got our first shot at stardom on the big screen, appearing in the movie Buttons: A Christmas Tale, the story of a young orphan girl growing up in Victorian times. We even took our Standardbreds, Action and Mr. B, on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, and no one got sea sick!

As years progressed, we have found that the horses are aging, and the events now include steeper hills. As a result, we have switched over to young draft horses that can climb hills easily.


This has been an incredible journey thus far, and I have learned so much along the way, but the true gift is putting smiles on the faces of everyone we meet. 

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