About Horses

Horses provide a wonderful means of transportation, especially in modern times. However, one must realize their limitations compared with modern vehicles. As a result, some carriage transportation requests are not possible due to safety, trailering logistics and the horses' abilities.
  When planning for carriage transportation, it is necessary to note that horses travel at 3 mph at a walk and 6 mph at a trot when determining time to your destination. We use a pair of horses with all our carriages, so they have companionship and able to share the load while working. However, they are still only 2 horsepower. Fortunately, due to the large wheels on carriages, the horses only pull 1% of the weight of the carriage and passengers on flat pavement. 

If your carriage transportation requirement is within 2 miles, under 4 hours and has access to 75' length of trailer parking we can accommodate you. If not, call and we will help find a solution.